Wax On, San Jose! The 12 Best Waxing Services in Town

Looking for the best waxing services in San Jose? You're not alone. Many people in the area want to find a place that offers top-notch waxing services that are both affordable and high-quality.

With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Whether you're looking for a quick eyebrow wax or a full-body wax, it's essential to find a place that meets your needs. That's why we've put together a list of the best waxing services in San Jose.

From small, locally-owned businesses to larger chains, these places offer excellent services that are sure to leave you feeling smooth and refreshed.

We've compiled this list based on a variety of factors, including customer reviews, quality of service, and pricing. We understand that everyone has different preferences and priorities when it comes to waxing, so we've included a range of options to suit different needs.

Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned waxing veteran, we're confident that you'll find something on this list that meets your needs. So, without further ado, let's dive into the best waxing services in San Jose!

1. Radiant Waxing Camden Park

Radiant Waxing Camden Park
2047 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 (Google Maps)

Radiant Waxing Camden Park is a top-notch waxing service that offers a comfortable and clean environment.

The staff is highly educated on the process and products for waxing, making customers feel at ease. The online appointment system is impressive and fast, making it easy to book appointments.

The estheticians are professional and accommodating, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their services.

Radiant Waxing Camden Park is a great option for those looking for a high-quality waxing experience.

2. TRND Salon

Trnd Salon
994 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 (Google Maps)

TRND Salon offers exceptional waxing services that are worth trying out.

With a team of professionals led by Phuong, clients can expect a humble and caring approach that ensures a comfortable experience.

The salon is always punctual with appointment timings, making it convenient for busy clients.

The waxing service is efficient and leaves clients happy with the results. TRND Salon is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and top-notch waxing service.

3. Irises Beauty

Irises Beauty
1101 S Winchester Blvd Suite M-253, San Jose, CA 95128 (Google Maps)

Irises Beauty offers exceptional waxing services that leave clients feeling refreshed and satisfied.

The esthetician is passionate about providing customized treatments that cater to individual needs.

She is knowledgeable about skin issues and uses natural products to ensure long-term health and wellness.

Prices are affordable, making the treatments accessible to everyone. The experience is truly refreshing and highly recommended.

4. PureWax and Beauty

Purewax And Beauty
1773 E Capitol Expy STE#214, San Jose, CA 95121 (Google Maps)

Looking for a professional waxing service that is comfortable and efficient, then PureWax and Beauty is the place to go.

The waxing service provided by Jocelyn is quick, well done, and leaves customers with great results.

The location is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and Jocelyn's friendly and professional demeanor makes the experience enjoyable.

Whether you're a regular waxer or it's been years since your last appointment, PureWax and Beauty is the perfect place to get the job done.

5. TrioSpa

2160 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 (Google Maps)

TrioSpa offers waxing hair removal service along with other services like corporate office, event planning, health spa, massage therapy, and skin care clinic.

The spa is known for its great and helpful staff who provide an amazing experience to their clients.

They have a team of skilled massage therapists who provide relaxing or therapeutic massages. The facial treatment is also worth trying.

The spa is welcoming and kind, making it an ideal place to unwind and destress. If you are looking for a professional waxing service, TrioSpa is definitely worth considering.

6. Wax It All

Wax It All
1042 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 (Google Maps)

Wax It All is a great place to get a Brazilian wax without the pain and discomfort usually associated with the service.

The technicians use a gentle and effective method that leaves customers feeling comfortable and satisfied.

The staff is knowledgeable and informative, and the salon is clean and sanitary.

7. Bronzed Humanity

Bronzed Humanity
1029 Blossom Hill Rd #4, San Jose, CA 95123 (Google Maps)

Bronzed Humanity offers top-notch waxing services that are sure to leave clients feeling silky smooth. The staff is welcoming and professional, making sure clients are comfortable throughout the process.

The salon also offers other beauty services such as eyelash lifts and tans, all done with organic products.

The salon's membership option is a great value for those looking for consistent service.

With its fantastic customer care and all-natural product formulation, Bronzed Humanity is a must-try for anyone in search of a reliable waxing service.

8. Anna Skin Care

Anna Skin Care
5163 Derek Dr, San Jose, CA 95136 (Google Maps)

Anna Skin Care provides a top-notch waxing hair removal service in a professional and clean environment.

The facility is also equipped to offer skin care clinic services and facial spa treatments.

Customers can expect a relaxing experience and leave feeling satisfied with the results.

The staff is knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of their clients. Anyone looking for a quality waxing service should consider visiting Anna Skin Care.

9. LG Waxing & Esthetics

Lg Waxing & Esthetics
1275 Lincoln Ave Suite 4C, San Jose, CA 95125 (Google Maps)

Looking for a reliable waxing service that offers exceptional results every time you visit them, look no further than LG Waxing & Esthetics.

Whether you need a full-body wax or just a touch-up, their knowledgeable staff will ensure that you receive the best service possible.

They also offer makeup and skin care services to help you look and feel your best.

With a reputation for providing quality services, LG Waxing & Esthetics is a must-visit for anyone looking for a great waxing experience.

10. SJMW

1984 The Alameda #4, San Jose, CA 95126 (Google Maps)

SJMW offers excellent waxing services at reasonable prices. The staff is courteous and professional, making sure to explain every step of the process.

The spa is clean and comfortable, providing a relaxing atmosphere for clients.

Customers can expect personal attention and a meticulous approach to waxing.

With a range of services available, including manscaping, SJMW is a top choice for hair removal. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a quality waxing experience.

11. Renu21 Nails & Spa

Renu21 Nails & Spa
5353 Almaden Expy Suite D6, San Jose, CA 95118 (Google Maps)

Renu21 Nails & Spa offers a range of services, including waxing hair removal. The spa is known for its clean and friendly environment, and customers have praised the staff's knowledge and expertise.

The organic products used in the treatments are a plus for those looking for natural alternatives.

The prices may be a bit high, but the quality of the service and the long-lasting results make it worth it.

The spa also offers other services like facials, nail care, and tattooing. For those looking for a comprehensive spa experience, Renu21 Nails & Spa is definitely worth a visit.

12. Beautiful You

Beautiful You
999 Story Rd UNIT 9018, San Jose, CA 95122 (Google Maps)

Beautiful You is a beauty salon that offers various services such as waxing, eyelash extensions, microblading, and make-up.

Customers can easily reserve their appointment through their website. The salon is known for its affordable prices and excellent customer service.

They only accept cash as payment, so make sure to bring some. The salon has a cozy ambiance, but it can be a little crammed.

The staff is friendly and professional, and they do an excellent job with their services. Beautiful You is highly recommended for those who want to enhance their beauty.